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Candidate Sourcing

Get the Right Candidates to Take Action and Apply
70 percent of job seekers will accept less than their lowest target salary for companies that make a great impression through the hiring process.

We know as well as you that the best candidates are hard to come by in today’s competitive market. Though the war on talent is fierce, as a talent advisor, you have the ability to take a proactive, strategic role in your organization’s talent management needs and gain an edge over your competitors through advertising and branding solutions that not only put you in front of your target audience, but also attract them, intrigue them, and get them to apply to your jobs.

Create a funnel of candidates and compel them to take action through the right job messaging, look and feel. Once you’re presenting your company in the best and most authentic way possible, we’ll get your message out in places that will reach the candidates you need, right now.

Your company is your product, and job seekers are your buyers. Make sure the right candidates see your opportunities and get the resources you need to entice them to apply.

With our sourcing solutions, you don’t have to wait for candidates to find you. Find relevant candidates for your positions through our automated sourcing and screening management solutions and resume database.

Establish your company as an employer of choice using CareerBuilder’s branding solutions.