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Chances are, if you hire people for a living, you’ve experienced your share of unimpressive interviews. Job seekers come in unprepared, they don’t have great answers to your questions or they just seem like they want to be anywhere else but there.

In fact, we recently wrote about common interview mistakes.

If you were to name an occupation that's hot right now, you’d probably say something STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and math). Chances are, sales wouldn’t be the first, second or even third occupation that comes to mind. While it may not be a new field or have the allure that some of the more emerging fields do, the sales function is highly necessary to our economy’s stability and growth.

Remember 2010? Yeah, it was a tough year for talent advisors. I wasn’t hiring anyone, either.

Mobile recruiting could have been huge in 2010, but most of us didn’t need to hire employees, so it became an expense we couldn’t afford. The economy in 2015 is entirely different, though, and mobile recruiting just jumped to the top of your talent acquisition "budget priority list."

The happiest people at your company are the people who start tomorrow." TWEET THIS

I just saw a friend on Facebook post the following about her new job:

Giddy with excitement for tomorrow. Feels like the excitement you have for the first day of school."

In the same way it doesn’t take long for the fashion police to hunt down a fashion faux pas on the red carpet — sorry but you can’t make white gloves happen, Amal Clooney — it doesn’t take long for employers to f

Let me start by telling you that technology by itself won't make you a better HR or talent advisor. Technology will make you faster; however, if you are a bad HR leader, technology just makes you a bad HR pro faster. The trick is to add technology to your already awesome HR skills. Then you can become unstoppable.

Hiring trends point to tough competition in 2015. Topping the list of highest-growth industries is information technology, with 54 percent of employers planning to increase staff in 2015. Within IT, software engineering is one of the hardest-to-fill positions. EMSI Analyst shows that, on average, there were almost twice as many job openings as hires between 2011 and 2014.

When it comes to recruiting and HR trends, what will suck and what will rock in the coming year? What are basic elements of talent acquisition you're still getting all wrong? Is 2015 the year we finally start recruiting robots? How can you deal with the fact that some people hate your work environment? What's the "Oh Sh!t" moment of 2020 you need to fix NOW to avoid? HR and recruiting pro and noted influencer Tim Sackett has thoughts about all of this and more -- and he's ready to spill what he knows with all of you. 

Though there's a good chance unemployed workers have more urgency in their job search and thus are more likely to quickly commit to job offers, the passive job seeker -- currently an employed worker, but keeping an eye out for better opportunities -- is a staple for recruiters.

While temperatures plunged and a deep freeze gripped much of the U.S., job creation thankfully continued to thaw. According to the December 2014 jobs report released this morning, U.S.


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