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Talent Network

Stop letting great candidates get away.
The typical application process has a 95% drop-off rate -- keep the right candidates in reach.

Finding good candidates is hard. Keeping them engaged? That’s even harder.

Fortunately, there’s Talent Network, a strategic solution that uses robust technology to connect with and engage potential candidates. With access to 91 percent of the U.S. workforce, we know when, how and where potential candidates are searching—and how to get in front of those who are the best fit for your business. We apply that talent intelligence here—attracting the right people to your company and your opportunities.

Talent Network puts your jobs in front of more potential candidates than any other source combined. Candidates can join your network in as little as two clicks, and 70 percent will also leave a résumé.

Once they’ve joined your community, keep them informed and engaged through targeted job alerts and automated messages.

With Talent Network, you're able to:

  • Capture more candidates and reduce drop off. Talent Network minimizes the length and hassle of the application process, ensuring candidates follow through.
  • Get access to new candidate pools. Talent Network maximizes the exposure of your job postings, spreading them through multiple online platforms and ensuring more job seekers find your posted opportunities.
  • Connect with candidates faster and more easily than ever. Talent Network’s portable “Join” button directs candidates to join your Talent Network with one click, from any online asset (email, social media, or your career site).
  • Pipeline talent through exposure and engagement. Today’s candidates demand more interaction from potential employers. Talent Network makes it easy and effortless. The candidates in your Talent Network automatically receive targeted job alerts based on CareerBuilder’s proprietary matching technology whenever you post new positions.